Jen Calleja

Jen Calleja


Literary Translation and Creative Writing Workshops

“It…made it clear to me that I would like to pursue literary translation as at least a part of my career – it had always seemed so terrifyingly inaccessible before so it was really nice to meet a friendly real human who actually does it for a living and made it seem much less so.” Attendee of my literary translation workshop at Nottingham Festival of Literature 2016

If you’re an organisation or university looking to book a literary translation or creative writing workshop I can create a workshop suitable for different abilities and skills. I have recently given a literary translation workshop for new translators translating from different languages at Nottingham Literature Festival 2016 and have previously helped run German translation workshops for New Books in German. I have commissioned and edited fiction and poetry for my own journal Verfreundungseffekt, and previously read fiction submissions for The White Review.

Sexual Harassment Workshops - Good Night Out Campaign

I’m a workshop trainer and also responsible for press & public relations, partnerships, recruiting and training more trainers at Good Night Out London, a largely voluntary role.

I train staff and management at venues, bars, clubs, student unions and other licensed premises how to deal with disclosures of sexual harassment as part of the Good Night Campaign, which is affiliated with anti-street harassment organisation Hollaback London.

You can see a breakdown of the training and information on how to get involved – or even book training for your venue – on the Good Night Out website.

Drumming Workshops - Demystification and Starting Out

As part of First Timers, a series of workshops and a festival where people start their first ever bands and play their first ever shows, I co-delivered workshops which showed newcomers around the drumkit, how to assemble a drum kit, how to practice at home and tips and tricks of practising and playing live. If your school or festival would like a similar workshop just get in touch.